A chord diagram showing the trading relationships between English Premier League teams. Diagram shows transfers by the amount of money exchanged or by the number of players exchanged.Lvdi commenticiī
Some people base their fantasy sports teams on personalities, some on looks. Some people like certain jerseys better or grew up here or there or just flip a coin. Of course, everyone likes to think they take talent and statistics into account somehow. But verily that is a hard thing to do properly, and the other biases tend to resurface somehow. But for me, I do not play games with fantasy sports. I set up the draft as a combinatorial optimization problem and search for an optimal solution.Lvdi commenticiī
This is the final part in my three part series on visualizing C.D. Buck's Dictionary of Selected Synonyms. This third part welds together the two previous parts. In the first, I built a visualization that clustered words in Indo-European languages by common etymological origin. In the second part I showed the genetic relationships between these languages. In this final part I make it possible to flit between the two views. This is still only a prototype, as I don't have the resources at present to digitize all, or even very much, of the information in Buck's prodigious work.Opera lingvisticaPIE Project
In the first post in this series I talked about visualizing words in the Proto-Indo-European language family by common etymological origin. In this second part I look at the actual genetic relationship between these languages and visualize them with a sankey diagram.Opera lingvisticaPIE Project
This is the first part of a three part series on visualizing Carl Darling Buck's Dictionary of Selected Synonyms. The book is an immense opus of etymologies from Indo-European languages. In this first part I try to make the dictionary more accessible with a d3 visualization.Opera lingvisticaPIE Project
Any American who has studied a language or travelled abroad is aware of our nation's unflattering reputation as ignorant monolingual Anglophones. This stereotype is especially stinging when we actually have spent months or years studying a language, and now that we have opportunity to speak with native speakers, they impatiently switch to their immaculate English to accomodate us. Despite the vast number of languages spoken---some surviving only---in America, our continental isolation mixed with global prowess has left us little real reason to learn other languages. It is not surprising, then, that our presidents are frequently monolingual. This has not always been the case, though: there is a clear trend from America's nascence to its rise as a global superpower of our presidents speaking fewer foreign languages.Pericvla politica